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What would I experience in the Diploma?

Above all, Tantra is all about direct experience of the numinous:

  • Our participants talk about experiences of bolts of ecstasy that you don’t even comprehend that can feel beyond the realms of pleasure.
  • You can experience bliss that transforms the way you perceive life. Many of our participants talk about changing their lives in ways that serve them more beautifully. Imagine the experience making love with the universe and the universe making love with you both in the physical form shared with others and some energy experiences that are beyond the mind comprehension.
  • Many participants feel the experience of healing themselves from the limitations of their life’s conditioning. Things that have happened along the journey of your life can come up for you to take another look, to heal to move through. Experience the incredible exhilaration of changing yourself, to choose who you want to be in this world, and to get rid of what you’re unhappy about.

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